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What Our Clients Say

Below are client testimonials given to the firm and listed by attorney.

Mitchell Y. Cohen

As a lawyer, I never realized how difficult it is to be a matrimonial attorney. You had to be my advocate, a courtroom litigator, my counselor, a draftsperson and a tax lawyer all wrapped up in one; all while I was going through one of the most trying times in my life. You were able to do all of that and give me comfort at the same time. I felt that you always had my best interests at heart and that you really cared not just about me but about how I was going to be able to maintain a strong relationship with my children. Kudos to you.

— A.H.

Mitch Cohen is an outstanding attorney who helped me out of a 34-year relationship that turned nasty. He is compassionate, direct and extremely honest with you and for your benefit. After much research and interviews I remain very happy with my choice and confidence in Mitch. The issues we faced were tough and I was very glad to have Mitch Cohen as my representative.

— B.B.

Mitchell Cohen was my attorney when I got divorced, and he and his firm did a wonderful jog. Being an attorney myself, I imagine that I was not the easiest client but I found Mitchell to be attentive, supportive and knowledgeable. Whenever we were in the courthouse, it was clear that he knew everyone and was well-liked and respected. His manner with the court personnel and the judge reflected their respect for him and the quality of his advocacy on behalf of his clients. Because of his calm demeanor and integrity of character, it was clear that the judge trusted him and gave his word credence. I was also impressed by the fact that Mitchell always had the facts and details of my case in his mind at his disposal and used them to my advantage at every opportunity. And the most important fact…I always felt well taken care of and protected by Mitchell Cohen!

— L.L.

Fortunately for me when I went through a very difficult divorce I had Mitchell Cohen representing me. Not only did he bring his years of experience as a successful matrimonial attorney to the table, but also his understanding and appreciation for the emotional aspects such a process can be for the parties involved. He helped me to remain focused on what was important throughout and when it was all said and done I was pleased with the final results.

— R.E.A.

I had the pleasure of working with Mitchell Cohen in 2008. He came highly recommended to me by several past and current clients. I asked Mr. Cohen to represent me in a prenuptial agreement and was very pleased with the outcome of the agreement and with how he managed the other party to the prenup. Mr. Cohen made what could have been very heated, uncomfortable situation into a very amicable discussion and agreement. I highly recommend Mr. Cohen’s services.


Thank you so much! I sincerely appreciate all the excellent work you provided in this matter. I will be happy to enthusiastically refer potential clients to you, should I have the opportunity to do so. You know how harrowing this has been for me. From the moment you joined the case, I felt a sense of confidence and relief; and I am extremely appreciative of your work that has resulted in this (Finally!) settled conclusion. 

— D.R.

Mitchell Y. Cohen

The Law Firm of Johnson & Cohen worked tirelessly for me and produced excellent results for me and my children when they represented me during my divorce and child custody trial. They were sensitive to my concerns for my children and future, supportive, and highly professional, during what was a very difficult and emotional time in my life. I trusted that they had my best interests in mind at all times, which enabled me to continue to carry on in other aspects of my life, i.e., being a mom and maintaining my career. The law firm of Johnson & Cohen helped me get my life back on track. 

— J.C.

Martin T. Johnson

Mr. Johnson is one of the best matrimonial attorneys you can get. He handled divorce and child custody matters for me, including a long trial and lengthy appeal instigated by former spouse. He is brilliant, honest and kind. I would have given up many of my rights (and would probably have ruined my life and my daughter’s life), if I did not listen to him when I was being persuaded to enter into a settlement in my divorce.

Mr. Johnson tells it how it is and will not waste your time or money. And if the Judge is wrong, he is not afraid of engaging in a discussion to protect your rights. My spouse ended up using more than 10 attorneys to come at me from every possible angle and make up all kinds of ridiculous accusations. I had only one attorney — the best: Mr. Johnson.

Caveat: Going through a divorce or a child custody proceeding is not easy, and (borrowing from an old Rolling Stones song) I can tell you that your don’t always get what you want, but with Mr. Johnson, you will get what you need.

— Client Review

An amazing attorney!! Honest, insightful and caring. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. He was my first and only attorney and after hearing so many horror stories I hope everyone reads Marty’s reviews and makes a sensible choice. You’ll never regret it. Thanks Marty. You are the best.

— Client Review

I used Marty Johnson in my divorce proceedings a few years ago. I was originally working with another lawyer and when I spoke with Marty he immediately saw loopholes and loose ends in the initial discussions with my ex’s attorney that my original attorney had overlooked. Marty was smart, quick and truly understood my needs and eased any anxiety I had. He was in constant contact with me and his door was always open. As busy as he is I always felt like my case was important and a priority. In the end, Marty made sure that I got the most important thing to me through the whole nasty time, my son. He made sure that we were taken care of and that my son got EVERYTHING he needs, now and well into the future. Words cannot express my gratitude for his hard work.

— Client Review

Marty settled my case quickly and efficiently, after I had been let to believe by a previous attorney there was little hope for a reasonable resolution (that previous attorney was sucking me dry financially and emotionally for years!). Marty’s knowledge of the law enabled him to find a legal precedent that others had missed which had a significant impact on motivating the opposition to settle quickly and in a way I could comfortably live with. I have recommended Marty to two other colleagues who have also had very favorable outcomes.

— Client Review

Marty is a no-nonsense, always-prepared and masterful matrimonial attorney from the get-go, i.e., from the day I signed the retainer. His specialty is matrimonial law and that is what he charges his time to you for, not other nonlegal, mumbo jumbo expenses as my previous collaborative attorney did. Marty is no doubt, and to no surprise, a very busy attorney but he surely makes you his “only” priority when he is on your payroll time. In the Courthouse and its hallways, I could always see how well respected he is by the Judge and his colleague attorneys, respectively. He was always prepared before the Judge and his understanding and articulation of the New York State matrimonial law in furthering my cause was always masterful that it made my former spouse’s attorney look like a rookie. And thanks to Marty, I got close to 50% child custody of our 2 young kids, not to mention unexpected but windfall financial settlement. I am finally able to be the best father, and a very happy one, that I can be to my two precious kids (no more of kids taken away against my will by their mother for weeks at a time on Holidays as were always the case in marriage).

— Client Review

I can’t say enough of Marty for his utmost competence as divorce attorney. While I would never wish upon anyone, especially those with kids, to go through what I went through, at times, divorce may be the only option for happiness of all as was in my case. I have had a dozen or so friends or work colleagues that came to me over the past 2 years for a referral and without any hesitation I have always given Marty’s contact info. It is no surprise to me that Marty was voted by his own peers as one of the best lawyers in the 2008 Edition of The Best Lawyers in America. I would simply end my review by saying “go see Marty and hire him before your spouse gets to him.” All the Best as Everyone Deserves Happiness.

— Client Review