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Ensuring That Your Child Is Financially Provided For

Your primary concern as a parent is your child’s health and well-being. For many, this means quickly establishing a stable and productive custody agreement and protecting your child financially. Support determinations can become complicated and difficult to resolve. Whether you are looking to collect child support, or you are concerned about unmanageable obligations, it is important to know your rights and work with an experienced attorney you can trust.

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Child Support And New York Law

Child support determinations are based on statutory law, known as the Child Support Standards Act. Even though the Child Support Standards Act is based largely on numerical calculations, it is important that the many variables and factors are fairly assessed. For instance, the court reserves the right to consider factors like:

  • Each parent’s income and income ability
  • Long-term disability, either of the child or a parent
  • Special needs
  • The child’s existing standard of living
  • Any agreement that parents create

Our attorneys will collect relevant evidence to present to the court on your behalf, including accurate incomes of both parties, deductions and employment expenses. We will work strategically to help you protect your financial interests at the time of divorce. Our New York attorneys are also experienced in updating and enforcing child support.

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