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New Year, Fresh Start: Resolutions and Reevaluating Your Relationship

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Firm News |

As we all establish our New Year’s resolutions and look forward to this new year we reflect back on the year just concluded.  In particular we look back on the extended time in which we have all been confronted by the coronavirus pandemic and the effect it has had on our health, employment, finances, and personal relationships.  Most significantly how has this pandemic affected relationships between spouses.

According to marriage counselor, Susan Gallagher, she is seeing many situations where one or both spouses “simply wake up one day and decide that they can’t take it anymore.”  In earlier years, there was often that defining moment or incident, that last straw that “broke the camel’s back”. More commonly now,  this conclusion may very well be the result of many influencing factors, all exacerbated by the pandemic.  Ms. Gallagher has observed from the many couples that she counsels, several common denominators.  First and foremost, husbands and wives are together much more, with less diversions or activities to engage in outside of the house.

Many people have been working from home, with little or no personal interactions with co-workers. Activities with friends are curtailed, whether it is dining out, going to a ball game, a movie or a Broadway show. Children are being schooled from home, parents have become teacher aides, and the children do not have the advantages of seeing their friends at school or engaging in extracurricular activities.  The children are acting up, who can blame them.  All of this creates pressure, anxiety and tension between the adults.  The parents are drinking more, eating more, or, even worse, turning to drugs, to escape. Domestic violence has increased.  Being together all the time magnifies the marital strife and often forces couples to do some serious soul searching.

When confronted with these issues don’t try to tackle it alone, seek the advice of an experienced marriage counselor to assist you and your spouse through your relationship problems.  While it may be comforting and easy to seek the advice of your family and friends you will likely receive many different opinions. However  as Ms. Gallagher aptly points out, “you have to be the one to decide.”  Fear of the unknown will also affect your ability to make an informed decision.  Everyone considers the custody and financial implications associated with a separation or divorce and it is always advisable to seek information from a qualified and experienced attorney.

The attorneys at Johnson & Cohen, LLP have decades of experience in advising clients of their legal rights in all areas of matrimonial and family law.  We pride ourselves in assisting clients based on their particular circumstances.   Once a client makes the decision to separate or divorce our attorneys act to zealously pursue a resolution that takes into consideration each client’s individual needs and concerns.  If you are contemplating a separation or divorce, please call one of the attorneys at Johnson & Cohen, LLP for a consultation to discuss your questions and legal issues in a confidential meeting.